Örgjörvakæling Arctic Freezer i35 Intel

Framleiðandi: Arctic
Framl.númer: ACFRE00094A
Vörunúmer: 11330

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Öflug örgjörvakæling í svörtum og hvítum lit. Gengur við Intel 1700, 1200 og 115X örgjörva.  Einstaklega hljóðlát, jafnvel undir miklu álagi.

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Verð: 5.990 kr

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ARCTIC Freezer i35 - processor cooler

At ARCTIC you will find CPU coolers for all areas of application. Whether for high-end gaming or silent PCs, our large range includes everything from powerful tower coolers to compact and inexpensive alternatives to boxed coolers to completely silent passive radiators. Broad compatibility and innovative features are part of the standard repertoire.
The Freezer i35 is factory-compatible with Intel's Alder Lake LGA 1700 processors. Even though the socket has increased compared to the predecessor, the hotspot remains centered in the area of ​​the CPU die. The Direct Touch heatpipes of the Freezer i35 cover this area completely.
Compact performance meets modern design
Optimized performance meets modern, black design and whisper-quiet operation. The single-tower CPU cooler with its four staggered heat pipes enables fast heat transfer into the heat sink, where it can be efficiently dissipated using a 120 mm fan.
Ultimate performance thermal compound
The Freezer i35 comes with a 0.8 g syringe of the new MX-5. Due to its low viscosity and particle size, ARCTIC's Ultimate Performance thermal paste enables a particularly thin layer thickness and significantly reduces the heat build-up between the heat spreader of the CPU and the cooler. It is neither conductive nor capacitive and therefore absolutely safe to use, even for newcomers.
Fan optimized for heatsinks
The fan installed in the Freezer i35 benefits from all the advantages of the P fan. With their low-vibration, energy-saving motor and hydrodynamic plain bearing, these combine quiet and efficient operation. Despite the high density of fins, the fan guarantees high static pressure with its focused air flow, making it ideal for use on radiators and heat sinks. The speed of the fan can be controlled dynamically via PWM and can therefore be optimally adapted to any scenario.
Improved installation and unlimited RAM free space
The Freezer i35 is a socket-specific installation variant for Intel sockets LGA 1700, 1200 and 115x. This reduces superfluous mounting material and also simplifies installation. ARCTIC uses an improved and simplified mounting system with spring-loaded screws for the Freezer i35. This achieves an optimal contact pressure and an even distribution of the thermal paste. Due to its compact design, it allows unrestricted RAM compatibility when installed.
Quality you can rely on
In order to be able to guarantee the longevity of our products, we carry out long-term tests under different, sometimes very adverse conditions. In this way we learn how we can continuously improve our products for our customers. In addition, the excellent results of long-term testing give us the certainty that our products are not only outstanding in terms of quality, but also in terms of their longevity. A certainty that we are happy to pass on to our customers. That's why we give a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee on the Freezer i35.
  • Weight and dimensions
    • Widh 133mm
    • Depth 91mm
    • Height 158.5mm
    • Weight 734g
    • Fan dimensions (W x D x H) 133 x 91 x 135mm
    • Diameter heat pipes 6mm
    • Slat thickness 0.4mm
    • Cable length 0.2m
    • Design
      • product color Black-and-white
      • number of slats 54
      • slat material aluminum
      • number of heat pipes 4
      • fan connection 4 pin
  • Services
    • Recommended placement processor
    • Type cooling set
    • fan diameter 4.5"
    • Supported processor slots LGA 1150 (Socket H3), LGA 1151 (Socket H4), LGA 1155 (Socket H2), LGA 1156 (Socket H), LGA 1200 (Socket H5), LGA 1567 (Socket LS), LGA 1700
    • Rotation speed (min.) 200RPM
    • Rotation speed (max.) 1800RPM
    • noise level 0.3 sons
    • Pulse width modulation support
    • storage type Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
    • quantity per pack 1 piece(s)
  • Performance
    • Ffans voltage 12V
    • Fans electricity 0.12A