Fartölvudokka Icybox USB-C/A IB-DK2244AC PD65W

Framleiðandi: Icy Box
Framl.númer: IB-DK2244AC
Vörunúmer: 2397

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ICYBOX IB-DK2244AC er klárlega ein fullkomnasta fartölvudokkan í heiminum í dag. Fimm 4K skjáútgangar (3x HDMI, 2x DP), stuðningur við allt að þrjá 4K skjái samtímis (Triple Display Extended Desktop). Kemur með 135W spennubreyti en þannig fær tölvan einnig hleðslu frá fartölvudokkunni í gegnum USB Type-C Power Delivery. Þessu til viðbótar eru síðan 5x USB3.0, 1x USB-C, 1x Gigabit LAN og 2x Mini-Jack. Er hægt að biðja um meira?

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ICY BOX IB-DK2244AC USB Type-C™ DockingStation with triple video output


  • Enabling triple 4K display extension at a time
    • two DisplayPort™ interfaces up to 4096x2160@60 Hz or:
    • two HDMI® interfaces up to 4096x2160@60 Hz and one HDMI® interface up to 3840x2160@30 Hz
  • Supports one 5K monitor by connecting two DisplayPort™ cables simultaneously
  • Connectable to a Type-C™ host computer with Power Delivery support up to 60 W
  • One USB 3.0 Type-C™ and five USB 3.0 Type-A interfaces for data transfer up to 5 Gbit/s
  • Gigabit LAN RJ45 interface with Wake-on-LAN function
  • Audio input and output ports allow connection of external speakers, headphones or a microphone
  • Equipped with power button to save energy and reduce resource consumption
  • Including external 135 W power supply (20 V / 6.75 A)

Always prepared

This high performance DockingStation can be used with both current Windows® and macOS® operating systems. Thus, the IB-DK2244AC is the perfect companion for eager travellers, business and multimedia enthusiasts who want to be prepared for all environments.

One connection

Notebooks and other mobile devices are getting thinner and smaller. This is usually at the expense of connectivity options – even the widespread RJ45 LAN port or extra USB inputs are often drastically reduced as are connections for video transmission, that many display devices require. The IB-DK2244AC offers a wide variety of interfaces and makes this an issue of the past.

High resolution

The IB-DK2244AC is equipped with five display video outputs. With triple Ultra HD displays simultaneously, the DockingStation allows you to split up the content to three display devices when the system supports the function, to mirror your primary screen or extend the computers desktop allowing visibility of more applications at the same time. It supports a resolution of up to 4096x2160@60 Hz for two monitors or one single 5K@60Hz display with two cables connected via DisplayPort™ and fulfils your high resolution desires.

Box content:
IB-DK2244AC, external power supply, 3 pin power cable, USB Type-C™/Type-A to Type-C™ cable (100 cm), manual

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