Aflgjafi Inter Tech 350W 8CM Argus TFX-350W 82+

Framleiðandi: Inter-tech
Framl.númer: 88882154
Vörunúmer: 9405

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Hágæða aflgjafi fyrir TFX borðtölvur. Með fjölmarga tengimöguleika og PCIe 6+2pin tengi fyrir skjákort með mikla orkuþörf.

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Verð: 9.990 kr

Inter-Tech Argus TFX-350W retail 350W TFX12V 

The TFX-350W is the perfect TFX-PSU for Desktop-Systems with particular performance requirements.
The PSU convinces due to several connection options. It also offers a PCIe 6+2pin plug to supply a separate graphics card with higher power consumption.
With an efficiency of more than 82+, the TFX-350W has a positive impact on your wallet and protects the environment.


Fan(s) 80mm
PFC Active
Type of connection Fixed
Connectors 1x 20/​24-Pin, 1x 4/​8-Pin ATX12V, 1x 6/​8-Pin PCIe, 3x SATA, 2x IDE, 1x Floppy
Quantity of 12V-Rails 2
+3.3V 8A
+5V 8A
+12V 13A, 13A
-12V 0.3A
+5Vsb 2.5A
Average efficiency >82% (Manufacturer)
Form factor TFX
Dimensions (WxHxD) 65 x 85 x 175 mm
Special features ErP Lot 6